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Ci trovi dal Martedì al Sabato a pranzo, dalle 12.30 alle 14.30, a cena dalle 19 a mezzanotte.

Venerdì e Sabato sera, andiamo avanti fino a notte fonda, passate a trovarci!

Traditionally the Crescentina bolognese is a fried dish that is filled with cheese and ham. The dough has some resemblance to bread, but it is rolled really thin.


In its origins, the Crescentina was something you could find at the fair but something has changed. Right now, in order to eat it, you have to try your luck in a dozen different restaurants, hoping they are capable of honouring our most respected Italian cuisine.

At Indegno, we took our family recipe and upgraded it to something more modern, tastier and healthier. We want to transform our Crescentina 2.0 in Bologna's top street food.

Thanks to our knowledge in the field and our unique "Indegno Procedure" we are able to deliver what we promise and never tire you with our delicacies.


You are going to discover Bologna's new and tasty street food, you absolutely cannot miss it!

You have to Taste our Revolution.

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